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About Us

We are a young brand company specializing in a variety range of static cling privacy window film and decorative window film. Since the company's inception, we have been committed to providing effective solutions for issues such as UV blocking, privacy protection and glass decoration.

We are comprised of a diverse group of responsible, intelligent, and caring individuals who are motivated to succeed as a team. We are always looking for solutions to provide the best products, the best price and the best customer service.

Our Mission: Provide high quality window film products to solve glass related problems.

Our privacy window film is designed to increase solar reflectivity, reject solar heat and reduce incoming ultraviolet light and to protect your skin and eyes from sunlight exposure and also reduce fading and aging of interior furnishings.

We will do our best to provide innovative, cost effective, and superior products that meet or exceed our customers' needs and expectations.


About Installation:

How to measure windows

Use and care manual

Installation & Assembly

Installation guide

Installation guide for frosted window film

Use and care manual for frosted window film

Use and care manual-trulip window film 

About Catalogs:

The website has all of the products that we carry and we do not have printed catalogs available.


About Contacting:

By Mail:
Hidbea LLC
43-31 33ST 4FL G&Q Fashion INC.
Phone Number: +16467849711