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How to Install Static Cling Window Film


Recommended Tools

  • Soapy water solution (1 qt. bottled water, add a bottle of a film aid concentrate or 1/4 tsp of a no-tears baby shampoo without conditioner)
  • Spray bottle
  • Squeegee
  • utility knife (for cutting film)
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • lint-free cleaning cloths (for cleaning the glass and film)

Special Points to Remember

  1. Avoid using concentrated or degreasing detergents to make the Solution or the film may dry cloudy or fail to adhere.
  2. Keep the window and film extremely wet during installation process. If it becomes dry, re-et it completely before applying film.
  3. To protect the film avoiding scratches, please cover the protective film onto the non-adhesive side of the film before wiping off the excess water.
  4. Larger windows (3-4 feet wide) usually are best filmed by two people working together to remove the liner, install, and trim the film.
  5. Apply film anytime other than in direct sunlight (film may stick too quickly) or freezing weather (film will not stick at all). Best temperature is 45-90 degrees F. Best time is early morning or late evening, when the glass is cooler.

Installation steps

Step 1. Clean and Measure the window

Generously spray the glass with soapy water solution, and clean it carefully. Then measure the width and height of the glass area.

Step 2. Cut the film to the right size

Unroll the film on a clean, flat surface. Use a ruler as a guide and cut the film 1/2 inch larger than the dimensions of the window to be sure that the film will fit.

Step 3. Wet the window thoroughly

Generously spray the soapy water solution onto the inside surface of the window until beads of the soapy water run down the glass. If the window becomes dry, re-wet it completely before applying film.

Step 4. Peel off the protective film

Remove the transparent backing film (liner) from the adhesive side of the film by attaching two 3-4 inches long pieces of transparent tape to the front and back surfaces of a corner of the film. 

Step 5. Wet the adhesive side of the film

As you carefully peel the liner away, generously spray the soapy solution onto the exposed adhesive. This spray helps break any static cling, reduces contamination, and makes the liner separation easier.

Step 6. Place the film on the wet window

Be sure the window is dripping wet. Apply the adhesive side of the film to the wet glass. You can slide the film around and position it correctly so long as the window and film are thoroughly wet.

Step 7. Remove bubbles with squeegee

Using a clean rubber squeegee, begin squeegeeing the water and air out from under the film. To do this, start about 2 inches from the top and side and squeegee from left to right.

Step 8. Trim Edges of Film

Use a sharp razor blade or utility knife and a 1/16 inches wide guide to trim the film around the four perimeter edges of the film. Remove any water and air bubbles again.