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Six Benefits of Using Heat Control Window Film

By NING LIU June 19, 2019 0 comments

The summer months can create all kinds of havoc when the sun does pop out from behind the clouds. We all want plenty of light to get into our homes through our windows, that's why we use glass windows or doors, but the ultraviolet (UV) element of sunlight has other, less desirable effects. For example, faded furniture, photographs and wallpaper, unbearable indoor heat and even skin problems can all result from too much exposure to the sun. There is a simple solution to all of these problems. Reducing sunlight glare and still letting you enjoy a great summer: Heat Control Window Film.

What Are The Benefits of using Heat Control Window Film?

Our heat control window film is non-adhesive static cling, can be easily applied to your existing windows and reduces some undesirable effects of the sun. You can use it block out sun’s light, also keep your privacy. Making it a flexible, lower-cost alternative to replace the glass in your windows.

Heat Control Window Film

Here are six main benefits of heat control window film:

  1. UV Protection

Keeping your skin (your body’s largest organ) healthy is important for many reasons. It protects you from the outside world by blocking anything that might hurt you. UV rays from the sun pass through the glass windows of your home and could cause long-term damage to your skin. But here, our window film with UV protection can block up to 95% of the harmful UV rays, which can keep your skin more healthy, and also save your furnishings, wallpaper and paintwork from fading in the sunlight.

  1. Keep cooler in summer

At the other end of the spectrum is infrared light – which is the part that causes heat. Heat insulation Window film acts as a barrier between the sun and your house interior, reduces the excessive build-up of heat on hot sunny days. The film is made of a thin, self-adhesive metallised material that is designed to block the infrared light and preventing it from filtering into your home. If you have windows that face the sun directly, Our heat control window film is your best choice.

  1. Keep warmer in winter。

In winter, the indoor temperature is higher than that of the outdoor, the ordinary glass conducts heat quickly, making the indoor temperature easily transmitted to the outside through the glass. But the heat insulation film has poor thermal conductivity that blocks conduction of temperature, just like putting a layer of warm clothing on the glass, helps to limit heat loss.

  1. Reduce glare

Another benefit of heat control window film is that it can reduce glare. If you want to read some book or do some computer work near windows, the trouble is that sunlight can cast glare on computer screens and roast people. If you yank down the blinds, then lose the view and natural glow. Tinted window film may a big helper whether at home or office if you get these problems.

  1. Save energy and cost

Home window film can reduce energy consumption by reducing solar heat gain, reduce the your carbon footprint and allow you to enjoy natural light without the negative impact of harsh glare and UV exposure. It helps decrease your costs by less frequent using of your air-conditioner or heating to top up the temperature.

Also Window films can be installed at a fraction of the cost of replacement windows. It may be 90 percent less than putting in new windows. You can enjoy it’s benefits years with little investment.

  1. Help You Keep Privacy

When you’ve got windows that face the street or your neighbor, there's always some eyes looking inside your house that can broke your privacy. While the window films not only afford your home the privacy you want, but they also allow for a simple way to add vital security, since people will be unable to see the contents of your home from the outside. But Notice that the one way window film can only provide privacy during daytime.


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