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Window Film Q&A

By NING LIU May 02, 2019 0 comments

1. Is this peel off the glass easily? I live in a rental and need this for privacy on my window. When I leave we need to be able to remove it.

Answer: This window film covering is stick by static cling, when you want to remove it away, there is no residue left.

2. How do you apply it? mine won't stay on.

Answer: If you have peeled off the backing film and the corners are still curling up. You can try to soft the edges up by heating it using a blow dryer. Once the edges are nice and soft it will stick to the window very well.

3.  At night, will it give me privacy from anyone outside looking in?

Answer: It does provide privacy. You can see shapes and light through the film, but it is hard to distinguish who is standing on the other side. You can simply notice the shape of the person.

4. Can Window Tint Protect My Furniture? 

Absolutely! It helps to protect your home’s furniture from the sun’s damaging rays. Window tint offers protection for your valuables. Protect your artwork, carpeting, and other valuable items by using window tint. Window tint has even been recommended by dermatologists to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. People who are sensitive to the sun or prone to skin cancer can use window tint on their home windows for an extra layer of protection.

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